Merino Productions is your partner for multilingual video and audio productions, web, app and game localization, document translation and desktop publishing. With more than 15 years of experience in the localization industry we guarantee expedited and professional video-language solutions. Merino Productions focuses in learning about and understanding clients target audiences in order to produce and deliver projects that are correctly viewed in all platforms: interface, text, layout and artistic design. We help companies bridge the language diversity gap for Community Services Assistance, Healthcare campaigns, Legal, Marketing, Games, Entertainment, and Government communications. Merino Productions is a trusted language services partner,who ensures the delivery of accurate multilingual messages.

Specializing in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog and Vietnamese

Additional languages provided upon request.

Since 2004, Merino Productions offers certified Multimedia and Studio Production services with over fifteen years of experience in the management of multilingual translation, for Healthcare, Human Services, Government and Corporate companies.

We carefully conduct and manage all aspects of the production process for client presentations with video productions, audio recordings and translation needs.


To provide trusted and experienced multilingual services with the ability to understand customer goals and drive business development; offering high end studio facilities, cost-effective video productions, translations and audio recordings to help clients communicate the value of their products to diverse markets. 


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Merino Productions offers green screen production facilities, in-studio or on location recording productions with industry standard software and technology, in collaboration with a base of proven directors, video and audio engineers, post-production technicians, certified translators, editors and graphic designers

Business Assesment

Multimedia is a powerful source to deliver business messages to diverse markets. Merino Productions will work to create and produce videos that can incorporate multilingual voice-over and/or subtitles to enhance the intended message, for clients’ selected audiences.

The use of the words Interpretation and Translation are often misused. Translation is the art of converting written text from one language to another. In different languages many words do not have a literal translation, therefore an expert linguist needs to select the most accurate and suitable translation that matches what is expressed in the source file and is well understood by the target audience.

Merino Production Directors will meet with potential clients to assess their multilingual business needs in order to create a customized service that best supports their company goals.

Video Productions - 100%

100% Complete

Audio Recording - 100%

100% Complete

Document Translation - 100%

100% Complete

Desktop Publishing - 100%

100% Complete
Video Production

Creation of reliable original video productions by experienced multimedia directors, videographers, engineers and talent; utilizing top industry standard facilities and equipment to maximize the success of clients’ messages.

Voice-over Recording

24/7 availability for voice-over recordings. Audio recording directors, engineers and voice-over talent are selected based on clients’ needs for types of male and female voices in one or multiple selected languages.

Subtitling and Editing

We offer transcription/translation and creation of video subtitles; video editing and adding of subtitles to final HD output – a cost effective way to deliver accurate communications to communities in diverse markets.


By utilizing the latest advanced technological tools Merino Productions provides website, apps and video game translations and localization, for clients’ effective connection with their diverse customers, locally and across continents.

Document Translation

Our professional team of experienced and certified translators and editors master the localization of Business, Legal, Medical and Marketing material with attention to language nuances, and creation of glossary of terms securing language consistency across all materials.

Desktop Publishing

In the translation of client brochures, ad copy and informational booklets, our graphic design experts will work with clients’ original files; creating a mirror image target language translation for delivery in ready-to-print file format.

Studio Facilities:

•    Sound proof recording studio
•    Stage w/ background lights
•    Interview light kit
•    High Definition Cameras and Tripod
•    Professional lens Set
•    Sound: Lavalier, Boom, Audio Recorder
•    Parking
•    HVAC – Central heating and AC
•    Wifi
•    20×20 Green Screen
•    Black Out Curtains

Audio Recording:

•    Industry Standard Microphones
•    Pro Tools Audio Software
•    Audition Audio Software
•    Logic Pro Audio Software
•    Professional Audio Mixing Board

Video Editing:

•    Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Video Editor
•    Adobe After Effects CS6 Motion Graphics
•    Adobe Photoshop CS6 Image Editing
•    Adobe Encore  CS6 DVD Authoring
•    Final Cut Pro Video Editing Software


Merino Productions strives to ensure that final high quality projects are delivered in a timely manner, following business standard quality control criteria.

✔ Verification list to ensure all project requirements are captured.
✔ Approval of certified translators with experience in the selected target market.
✔ Editing by a different approved certified translator for the selected target market.
✔ Final checking and proofing by in-house Quality Control team.
✔ Verification list to ensure all project requirements have been completed.
✔ Secure and timely delivery of projects.



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